giovedì 25 febbraio 2016

II3BOVE Special callsign by IV3CCT

For any detail, please see on QRZ: IV3CCT, tnx. 73 de Julius IV3CCT

IMPORTANT AND URGENT - Facebook GROUP: "RuotAntartica"  Please INVITE your friends YL & OM because I can not do it by myself, thanks; partecipate and share asap & as much as you can. WE MUST BREAK THE "INTERNATIONAL DAMNATIO MEMORIAE" regarding the history of this wonderful italian base, destroied by Argentinian Navy. 40 years have passed by: IT IS TIME TO ACT. NOW! thanks you, sincerely, Julius IV3CCT

sabato 13 febbraio 2016

13th Antarctic Activity Week in Polar Museum (Fermo, Italy) 26-27-28 Feb. 2016

Trieste, 13th Feb. 2016 Advertisment for 26-27-28th Feb. 2016 activity

URGENT - To italians or other Young Ladies (YL) and Old Men (OM) : NEW ACTIVATION!!!
Subscribe Facebook Group "RuotAntartica"  and help, thanks! 73 and 88 de Julius IV3CCT

Radioamateur Division of AdriAntArtica Association (Trieste, Italy)
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